Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gasparilla Wreath Headquarters

Yes, Gasparilla is still 5 months away but if Christmas and Gasparilla season are anything like they were last year, I got to get started ASAP.

So until Christmas stuff comes out, I am scavenging the beginnings of what the stores are putting out for Halloween hoping that the Skull stuff can cross over to Gasparilla.  The employees at every local craft store probably call me the crazy annoying Halloween lady, cause everytime I go in the store I ask them if they know if their next shipment will have Halloween stuff.

With Gasparilla on the brain I review some of my notes from last year and started my to do list.
  • Scavenge high and low for any good junk that can be used on a wreath... In Progress
  • Annoy the crap out of the craft stores for first dibs on Halloween decor... Already Happening
  • Survey stockpile of ribbons and glittery crap
  • Find a way to make work space more effective and presentable to clients
  • Advertise early... happening
  • Start a mailing list (email saltysisters@gmail.com to get on it)
  • As soon as Halloween decor comes out start nagging stores for Chrismas junk 
  • Start a Gasparilla Wreath website
Ding Ding Ding Ding!!!!

Today I purchased the domain to www.gasparillawreaths.com  and until I build a page for it I created a page on Facebook, Gasparilla Pirate Wreaths.  This is all still Salty Sisters Junk, but since Salty Sisters has been so busy (thanks to all of you lovely people)  and because we were able to make so many Gasparilla wreaths last year,  I wanted to make sure Salty Sisters can perform to our full potential.  Because of the wonderful Christmas season last year and even more so the Gasparilla sales,  I was able to officially make my Salty Sisters business a reality and oh boy has it grown.

All you small business owners will understand that, no, that doesn't mean I am sleeping on a bed of green money,  starting up and growing a business is EXPENSIVE!  And I was never able to do it to the extent we are able to now without Gasparilla.

Ok so lets get back on subject here.

If you are interested in anything Gasparilla, follow this blog,  Like Salty Sisters and Gasparilla Pirate Wreaths on Facebook, and email us to get VIP news on pre-ordering your wreath.

By the time January arrived last year, I was scrambling for supplies to make pirate themed wreaths to the caliber of fabulousness that I strive for.  And you can just go buy skulls and pirate stuff anytime you want.  So, if you are serious about a wreath this year, and you want the good stuff... starting a discussion about it now is the way to go!

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