Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New booth junk

I was so excited about the Hyde Park Fresh Market this past Sunday cause I have been working so hard to have a crazy and fun booth.  I rigged a  grate wall for hanging things, I made flag bunting and adorable polka dot curtains, a cash register, I was going to decorate my new mannequin, I had the best outfit planned...

Anyone who walked out of their house in the Tampa Bay area this Sunday would surely know where this is going... The wind was so wild and gusty I am surprised I myself did not blow away.   As we were setting up, my entire table full of stuff was launched, by the wind, into the street, scattering my stuff all over the place.  I was almost ready to pack it all up and give up, but I knew people were planning on coming by and the show MUST go on.  Soo, we just laid everything on the floor and mustered through the fierce wind gusts.

But here are a few of the things I had put together for the purpose of a display.

I was planning on wearing my new tank with my new ruffled shorts but it was waaaaaaaaaaaay too cold for that!

This egg crate was going to hold all of my button rings

This is my cardboard box cash register that I made to house my money box... I am obsessed with this thing! But it wouldn't have stood a chance out at the booth

Right now my mannequin is wearing my Black Swan costume, but she was going to wear a different but equally great outfit and have fun stuff pinned to her bodice...

Hopefully next time the elements will participate with my  fabulous booth plans!

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