Monday, February 20, 2012

Mount Dora Junking finds

This weekend was the Mount Dora Antiques Extravaganza and it's the last one until November so I knew I had to really makimize my junking and my wish list is very long as I am growing my business and exposure... so I need LOTS of fabulous junk for my booth!

Ok here are a few of the treasures I scored...
I wasn't planing on getting this but the booth owner where this great little high chair was practically gave it to me so of course I bought it!  I will rent this to photographers and use it in my own photography staging. 

 Snagged this ship and it will be going on a Gasparilla wreath

Bought some of these big ole crosses

and this letterpress tray

These grates will be for my booth display

Star made out of Texas license plates 

This ladder was already painted blue and it will be converted to shelves for my booth

This is made of old ceiling tins by Bobby Boyd Designs... and the horse shoe necklace too

and here's another load of junk

I have a few more items I will share later!

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